Surgical Errors



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Although most surgeons are highly skilled experts who handle every surgery with the utmost care, it only takes one act of negligence to alter the life of a patient forever. Mistakes in the operating room can have devastating consequences, causing organ damage, resulting in significant pain and suffering, and necessitating additional surgery and other medical treatment.

Common surgical errors include:

At Barrett Law Firm, P.C., in Rockford, Illinois, our lawyers handle a broad range of medical negligence claims, including those involving surgical errors and surgeon malpractice.

We are well-versed in operating room protocols and adept at identifying errors by surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other operating room staff.

Medical professionals and their malpractice insurance carriers aggressively defend against medical malpractice claims. If you are seeking compensation for a surgical error, you need a law firm with the experience and resources to even the playing field.

For many clients in Illinois, we have been the strong advocate that came through in their time of need.

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